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Whimsical Fairytale, Kelowna, BC

Boudoir Family Wedding

Good Evening Friends,

This morning a team of woman collaborated ideas of an unique and interesting idea. Whimsical Fairytale began with a inspirational image found online containing floral arrangements and unique wardrobe selection. As we sat around the table at a local Tim Hortons, we began to blurt ideas before being able to write them down. Hard work, we worked as a team in this crazy Kelowna weather, we successfully completed this beautiful session. It was a big project including the amazing Robyn Boffy’s phenomenal dress creations, inspired by the fairy and demon, good vs evil.  All the wardrobe and photo styling included the gorgeous chandelier were created by Robyn. All floral arrangements, including the halo and the sleeve on the models were all visioned and designed by Shannon Prodor, owner of Tangerine Orchid in West Kelowna, BC. Hair and makeup styling were completed by Tara Johnson & myself. For me, it has been about 5 years since doing makeup on a model, however I have never felt more confident with these woman supporting me.  A huge shoutout for Posh Jewelery Downtown for providing the jewelry for the models, they were dazzled in ravishing pieces.


Thank you Robyn, Shannon, Tara, Donna & Martine for a great photo session. I look forward to working with all you again, it was a pleasure.

All photographs were taken by Alisha Khan Photography. All rights reserved.


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