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Why I became a Photographer

Why I, Alisha, became a photographer?


1. I LOVE taking selfies. {yes, its true!}

I have a pretty iPhone 6 that makes me look oh so fabulous!

2.  I love listening about love stories and being able to tell a story.

I get to witness your love for each other as you exchange vows and capture each moment. {yes I’ve teared up}

3. Taking photos for a lifetime of memories

I can capture any moment, anything I want and smile because I took that photo in my creative mind

4. Creating beauty in the most random things.

Going out for a walk and capturing bugs, trees and anything that intrigues me.

5. Make pretty things

Photoshop CS6 & I are best friends.

6.The best souvenir I can give anyone

The images you receive is a lifetime memory that will never fade away.

7. Capture emotions

Do you remember that drunken dance you performed at the end of the night, yeah its been digitalized.

8. Connect with vend-mates in the industry.

I get to meet so many cool people in the Wedding industry, including other photographers.

9. It’s really FUN

I LOVE WEDDINGS!!! period.

10. Witness true Love

I’m so lucky to get up close and personal about you!

So, I became a photographer, because it makes me happy.