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Sushil + Miral Las Vegas Destination Wedding | Kelowna Indian Wedding Photographer

Indian Wedding Photographer in Kelowna

Indian Wedding in Las Vegas…. need I say more?

Sushil + Miral, a gorgeous couple, living in two different countries. What an amazing testament to their marriage and their love. I cannot begin to tell you what an exceptional experience and wonderful week I had.

I met Sushil + Miral about 2 years ago and I barely had any idea who they were. Sushil is actually my brother-in-laws childhood friend. The groom, Sushil, is a doctor, owns a physiotherapy office or two and probably one of the most hard working men I know. Every time I met this guy, he was doing something. I quickly made friends with these two because of my sister and my brother in law, but didn’t think twice when they decided they wanted to hire me.

Miral and I first met over dinner when I met the rest of their “Home Crew” and I had just started to mingle back with my family- so it was odd at first. Over the course of the year, I got to know them all and built small friendships.

When the couple got engaged after the groom surprised her and planned an ENTIRE engagement party (HOW STINKING ROMANTIC)  I thought wow, thats chivalrous.   Shortly after the planning began and the couple came to asked me to be their wedding photographer in VEGAS.. At first I was a bit thrown-off, Big FAT Indian Wedding in Vegas and how was it going to be possible to have 200 guests! Well they did it, it was stunning, photographing in the Red Rock Canyon, then at the Stunning venue of Siena Golf Club. Words cannot express how beautiful this wedding was!

Hats off Miral and Sush, you guys pulled it off! and MAN it was a phenomenal wedding!

Check out a SUPER small version of their weekend! <3