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Sheena + Bryan’s Wedding | UBC Boathouse | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Minoru Park | Vancouver BC, Wedding Photographer

Where do I start with Sheena. I met Sheena in 2013, she is my sister’s friend and she is drop dead gorgeous and so fun!  When she got engaged, she wrote a note to my niece to tell my sister about her engagement! Well I was babysitting Lanaya and I came across the note and had to reacted like I knew nothing! I’ve only got to know Sheenie in the last 6-8 months, like most of their friends.

But once I got to know, I loved her personality. Her fluffy, loving and quirkiness made her wedding so MUCH FUN!

Sheena + Bryan’s Wedding week began with her Mehndi night, which was so much fun! Dancing until the wee-hours of 11pm, as the cops shut us down (boo!)  Not only was I their photographer, but I was invited to the wedding. I loved watching the ceremonies take place, like the Haldi night, normally it’s a bright orange paste that you put on the bride and groom to “glow” on their wedding. But this time around it was mainly white.  But the photos are to die for –  LOL!

The Wedding ceremony took place at the UBC Boathouse in Richmond, BC. What a spectacular view! Minus the noise from planes taking off (I loved that part) but a super gem spot for weddings! The venue is actually floating on top of the river. How cool right!?

We ran away with Sheena and Bryan to Minoru Park where the blossoms were in high bloom! It was a gorgeous view. Pinks and white with tons of greenery and did I mention that gorgeous sunshine with blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Seriously couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!

Thank you Sheena + Bryan for having Alisha Khan Photography capture your spectacular day.