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Alisha Khan Photography – Our Story

Welcome Friends!

It was a dark, stormy night – lightning flashed followed by crackling thunder. The sound sending shivers down my spine. I was nervous, terrified actually – was this storm going to destroy everything? This was my very first tryst with my camera and no, there was no storm outside but there definitely was a storm raging within me. Fear and excitement all rolled into one, the storm of creativity waiting to be unleashed.

I had a new travel companion – a basic DSLR. Together, we went everywhere – no trip was complete without my sidekick, my camera that found me in 2008. In pursuit of my passion and my search for a style unique to me, I offered free shoots – family sessions, baby photography, headshots and portraits. Friends would tell me how gifted I was and so birthed Alisha Khan photography in 2014.

I dabbled in everything until wedding photography stole my heart. A friend’s sister was getting married and I was hired to shoot the wedding. It was at this wedding in a breathtaking setting in Vancouver that I fell madly in love for the very first time in my life – I even caught the bouquet. Perfectly, in the lens of my camera for I had fallen in love with wedding photography, of course, what were you thinking?

My work spoke for itself and soon enough, friends, family and former clients started to refer my services to others. Alisha Khan photography was taking its first steps, slowly but surely.

Why wedding photography, you ask? It is about basking in that energy of love. Love that so pure and complete. As a child, I loved to attend weddings – dressing up and participating in the joy of others felt like a fairy-tale. This is what inspires me as a photographer – everyone is worthy of a fairy-tale wedding, and it is my mission to make my clients’ fairy-tale wedding a reality.

My deep belief in love itself is reflected in the images I capture because each photo is an expression of the values I stand for – trust, honesty, loyalty, reliability, and attention to detail. Understanding that emotions can run rampant on your special day, compassion and a wild sense of humor is my specialty – heads up, I snort uncontrollably when I laugh, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Rest assured; you are in good hands.

It is a true honor and blessing to capture your memorable day in my unique and unforgettable way.

Let’s be bestfriends! 🙂