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Mad Hatter Styled Session, Kelowna, BC



I love being a photographer and having other options for photographing different concept sessions. I had met with a fabulous designer and planner for this mad Hatter concept session. The idea popped in our head that we wanted to do something out of ordinary and make it sparkle.  I met Krista from Mosaic Party and Design at a local coffee shop where the ideas of our shoot were being implemented. As we talked about our fantastic session, models, ideas and themes just popped in.

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Krista and I began the search for location, a beautiful garden with pieces of color to inspire this amazing session.  While driving around in Lake Country we found a garden that set the place for our mad Hatter concept shoot. The garden was located and owned by a pottery designer who allowed us to set up our backdrop for this concept.

From tiny treats to vintage wardrobe provided by Georgie Girl downtown to gorgeous makeup styling by Carley Beckstead, this shoot turned out to be one mad session. The session took place on June 20 with the weather being a little moody it really set the stage for our session.   [/textbox][/panel][panel][slider]DSC_1186 DSC_1216 DSC_1011 DSC_0909
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The Finish Piece

Once our mad hatter session was completed and a sneak peak was posted onto Facebook. It hit a mound of likes within minutes. What a great session and collaborative session