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Kim & Tyler Eloped, Kelowna, BC



Kim & Tyler eloped on Aug 29th, 2014 in Kelowna, BC. The couple tied the knot at the top of Knox Mountain overlooking Okanagan Lake & Kelowna. Kim & Tyler connected with me back in June when she approached me to be their photographer. Shortly after, I introduced Kim to Krista from Mosaic Party & Design who assisted in planning the day of activities and style picnic.

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As the day approached, we began the day with a boudoir session with Kim, a special bridal moment while getting ready for her big day at the Delta Grand in Downtown Kelowna. She was so excited to have the opportunity to have some photos of herself and some with her soon-t0-be Husband. The cutest and most romantic part of this day was Tyler assisting Kim getting into her dress and lacing up the back.  The fabulous Krista Cook managed to plan a day of shooting inside the Casino of the Grand Hotel for the couple to enjoy some gamble time and feel lucky! Shortly after the Casino session, we drove over to Knox Mountain, down Paul’s Tomb trail where the couple were married by Barbara. The simple backdrop of Okanagan lake and Downtown Kelowna set the stage. Kim & Tyler expressed their utmost desire of love in their vows. The first time both Krista and I were in happy tears to hear the love these two have for each other. I was honored to have been their photographer and witness to this remarkable wedding.

As the couple tied their knot, we continued our day with a picnic set for two at the Maude-Roxby Bird Sanctuary in the Lower Mission. A few key pieces were request by couple, really set the tone of them. 5 cent candy, fruits, “wedding” cake and a bottle of sparkling apple and peach were key pieces. A beautiful gift from Krista & I included a mongram “L” cheeseboard to remember the day they got married. It was paired with meat and crackers for a simple and elegant lunch. As the couple enjoyed their time at the beach, with the entire beach to themselves, we finished the picnic with a walk on the boardwalk for some more photos. [/textbox][/panel][panel][slider]  AKP_1219 AKP_1369 AKP_1477
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The Finish Piece

As the day went on, we visited the McDonald’s in Rutland, where the couple met for a shared milkshake and photos for fun. The staff & Managers at McDonald’s allowed us to get behind the counter to get a few snaps. I couldn’t be happier for this couple, they are truly in love and I wish them great happiness and lots of hugs!