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Jolynn + Nick’s Parksville, BC Wedding | Destination Wedding

Meet Jolynn + Nick, they were married on their family’s property in a little town called Coombs on Vancouver Island. When Jolynn visioned her wedding day, I was in AWE. Rose gold bridesmaid dress, mountaintop and picturesque locations and the wide-open ocean.

The Wedding took place in front of Jolynn’s parent’s residence, with wood framing, and trees surrounding, the site was perfect! As Jolynn and her father began walking down the aisle, all hearts were warmed to see a beautiful bride walk down with a super proud dad.

The wedding ceremony was absolutely breathtaking, something about personal vows has a soft spot for me, I won’t lie, I shed a tear with the bride.

I now pronounce you Husband + Wife! Time for the photographer’s favorite part- Formal portraits. “Oh the places I go” – I absolutely loved photographing on Vancouver Island. Our first stop was a special spot for the couple, an incredible view top. It was a sight with miles and miles of trees! So incredibly gorgeous, with the sun peaking in and out of the clouds. Truly Spectacular.

Our second location was probably my favorite adventure. This oceanside, rocky location, that I found so randomly in my Google Searches. It was a bit out of the way, but when your couple gives you 2.5 hours for formal portraits, you know its an ALISHA KHAN Adventure! These stunning rock formations, (slippery) but omg oh so fabulously stunning point! I am still in AWE!