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Alisha’s Favorite Okanagan Wedding Venues

I was recently asked by a fellow friends and upcoming brides what my favourite wedding venues are. Here is my top 10  {which was REALLY hard to come up with only 10} I thought long about these. The Okanagan has many beautiful locations, including Knox Mountain, many beachfront locations, parks and halls. But these are my top, # 1 being my own personal favourite!

10. Sparking Hill Resort

A gorgeous sparkling experience. A totally amazing view of Lake Country and Okanagan Lake makes this venue a gem in the Okanagan.

9. Okanagan Golf Club

A beautiful tree lined venue on a golf course nestled just outside of Kelowna. Available for both indoor and outdoor weddings and events.

8. The Cove Lakeside

Located in West Kelowna off Okanagan Lake with a beautiful Garden wedding under a white arbor, puts this wedding in my top 10. With the Gellately Nut Farm just next door, totally makes this venue a wonderful picturesque location.

7. Hotel El Dorado

Overlooking the docks of Okanagan Lake and gorgeous decor, this location makes it a great venue for weekend getaways, rooftop ceremonies and romantic receptions.

6. Durali Villa 

A venue that I ADORE! A charming venue in Vernon that turn heads. Whether for a weekend or for a party, a totally bombshell location for an outdoor wedding in the Gardens. Definitely a top contender.

5. Bottega Farm Inn

Get away from the City lights and hide in the mountains of Bottega Farm. Located in the hills of the Mission area, this venue is a sparkle in a rock. From Llamas to deers, truly a fairytale location.

4. Cedar Creek Winery

One spectacular location down Lakeshore with breathtaking winery & lake views.  Not only a fabulous winery and restaurant, but a gorgeous venue for weddings or dinner parties.

3.  Laurel Packing House

This venue amazes me every time I visit. Whether for a business function, a fundraiser or a spectacular wedding, this venue can please any one. A totally rustic and glowing venue!

2. Walnut Beach Resort

A beachfront location in Osoyoos, BC along with a gorgeous banquet hall. Overlooking Osoyoos lake makes this a treasure in Southern BC.

1. Sanctuary Gardens

A beautiful location in West Kelowna overlooking Okanagan Lake, I cannot express how beautiful this venue is. A great little ceremony site for small weddings.

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