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A Century of Bridal Beauty

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The style and creativity to what Vintage means to us today. We’re in an era where Vintage is becoming more and more appreciated in the Wedding Industry. Brides are constantly inputting a vintage theme or design, including decor, jewelry, wardrobe & make up. We wanted to take it up a notch and created our Vintage Editorial Series: A Century of Bridal Beauty. Our highly trained team of professionals created the 19th Century Brides from 1915 – 1995.


1915 – Jessie Harborn

During the twentieth century bridal fashion evolved through many different stages, from the trend towards practicality in the 1910′s to the no holds barred, anything goes style of the 1990′s.

1915 Bride 1915 Bride 1915 Bride

1925 – Maddy Laslett

After the turn of the century brides often wore their ‘best dress’ as their wedding gown. The bodice was generally unshaped, hemlines were above the ankle and veils could be quite long. During the ‘Roaring Twenties’ the style was pure flapper, and brides choose to wear wedding dresses that they could wear again to dances and social events. Instead of veils brides preferred wearing head dresses or headbands.


1925 bride1925 bride1925 Bride

1935 – Jessie Harborn

The 1930′s was an elegant era between the wars, and at that time designers began to cut material ‘on the bias’ which gave a lovely drape, so dresses hugged a woman’s curves.


1945 – Jessie Harborn

At the end of the 1940′s a boom in weddings coincided with the return of troops from the war. Wedding dresses were fairly plain, lacking any intricate beading or embroidery. Instead, the decoration went to the veil and headpiece.

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1945 – Maddy Laslett

The ‘wiggle dress’ debuted in the 1950′s, and it highlighted the ideal hourglass silhouette. This look is perfect for a more informal wedding, and transitions effortlessly to the evening reception.


1965 – Kristin Stratulat

Wedding dresses of the 1960′s favoured high waisted empire lines. Thin straps were acceptable, as the public wasn’t quite ready for the move to strapless gowns in the 1970′s.

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1975 -Maddy Laslett

Tight posies were the preferred bouquet. Outdoor weddings became more popular in the 1970′s, and so did the trend to a more fancy free wedding dress. White remained a predominant color choice, but many dresses were designed as baby- doll or mini dresses. Garlands of flowers replaced veils.

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1985 – Kristin Stratulat

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1995 – Kristin Stratulat

The biggest pop culture trend to merge from the 1990′s was the grunge look. A flannel shirt was a wardrobe staple, and went with everything. Whatever the era, it’s a given the bride will look beautiful in whatever outfit she chooses!

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Wardrobe: Perch Travelling Boutique
Photography: Alisha Khan Photography
Florals: Tangerine Orchid
Makeup: Toby Wesenberg
Hair: Jessica Langedyk – Elevate Beauty Loft
Jewelry headpiece: Snazzy Designs
Models: Maddy Laslett, Kristin Stratulat, Jessie Harbron
Locations: G.D Loane II, Fumerton House, Kelowna’s Heritage – Abbott Street