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10 FAQ’s to ask your Photographer

I’ve had a lot of brides contact me in regards to questions they find on Pinterest that really doesn’t do justice of what you actually want to ask. It’s deeper than that.  Questions included information of the type of camera I use, to if I include RAW files to lenses that I should use. Well these questions are generic. Here’s my compilation of questions that I believe are important to YOU and me, as my client.

1) Why are you worth the amount you charge?


I usually get this with 50% of my brides and the real answer: I am a specialized photographer, which means I only take a limited number of weddings per year. Since I’m only accepting a limited number of weddings, I really give my clients time and attention they deserve. I want to build a relationship to get to know my clients before hand so that they are comfortable with me and in front of my camera. This is important. The other reason, all photos are edited by me with an added a touch of love.  I’ve also been published in online blogs and print magazines. Your photographer does not need to have all of that, but those are things to look for when search for a photographer.

2) Do you shoot natural light or artificial light? Or both?

This is important! I love natural light, it has it has it’s own personal flair, but I do also enjoy artificial light indoor and out. I am able to work with you to ensure you are getting the most out of your photographs. Short answer, Both.

3) Do you back up your files online just in case of a fire?

Do you have backup equipment? I heard a statistic that one in every three hard drives fail! One out of THREE! That’s why I never ever trust putting all my wedding files on JUST a hard drive alone. I have one my computer, one in my cloud based archives and one on a back up drive. This is just in case of a fire, someone breaks into your house, etc… You can never be too careful with your wedding photos! Instead of asking the photographer how many megapixels their camera has, ask them if they have backup equipment. It’s really important for your photographer to have a back-up camera for failure. Also ask them if they have a dual card slot. Shooting on two cards is really important! Anything can happen to a card, it can go corrupt, you can lose it, or a card reader can even eat your card. That’s why the highest end cameras have dual card slots that record the images on both cards just in case.

4) Will I get a HIGH* resolution DVD?

All of our photographs are available on a USB, now days Apple products do not have a dvd drive and have a USB port and we want to make sure you are receiving your photos. We provide a large resolution image with a low -quality option for Facebook because we all want to share these photos. You will also receive a personalized downloadable link for you to share with friends and family.

5) How do you make us feel relaxed in front of the camera?

This is a very important question! You want to feel relaxed in front of the camera so that you show more genuine emotions in your photos.  One way I do this, is by giving a complimentary engagement photo session with most of my packages so that we work together before the wedding day and then trust is built. I also have other tricks such as speaking in an accent and telling jokes. This gets you to relax a bit more. And of course, it’s always important if you allow enough time for photos so that you don’t feel stressed.

6) How do you describe your shooting style? Are you laid back or aggressive?

Do you tell the whole story of the day?  Ask the photographer if they specialize in storytelling. This means capturing not only the main points of the day, but also aspects of the day that you might miss. This could include the sky, people’s reactions during the ceremony, guests reactions during the first dance, etc.

7) Will you help me with my time line for the wedding day?

A good photographer should help plan the photography of the day to make sure every flows smoothly. The last thing you want to do is to be rushed on your wedding day, which is why I suggest to ALL of my couples to do a first look.  A photographer should suggest good times for shooting, things that come like toasting in the limo, the receiving line traffic and locations for gorgeous views. We should also suggest lighting throughout the day to make sure you get gorgeous photos!  Golden hour lighting is really gorgeous and romantic.

8) What happens if you get sick on my day?

I have photographed close to 25 weddings and have never missed one yet *knock on wood*. My plan would include my 2nd photographer being the first photographer and then I have a network of other photographer who I can reach out to as well.

9) What will we do if it rains or snow?

Knowing what to do if it rains or snows on your wedding day is important. The weather in the Okanagan has been amazing.  They should have a plan as to where they would go, how they would shoot, etc… Talk to your photographer about options of moving in or perhaps enjoying a rubber boot and umbrella session!

10) What would you like for dinner?

I included this question because we are with you for the entire day! From the moment you get your dress on and to the end of the night. We are constantly working to capture your entire day and in between a good feast is needed.  I’ve done a few 12 hour Weddings where I was not fed and it made for a grumpy evening, let me tell ya! It’s also polite 🙂 I will bring snacks to keep on hand!

Hope you enjoyed this and ask me in person if you have any questions about your big day and want to learn about me, I would love to meet with you!