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Marathon Boudoir Sessions in Kelowna, BC


Boudoir Photography: a genre or type of photography. A sensually suggestive type of glamour photography usually for a special significant other. Boudoir is usually taken in studio in a classy way.


Saturday Jan 11, 2014- Boudoir Marathon
Alisha Khan photography, along with Amy Holland from Tie the Knot Hair Design & Serena Phelan from Just U with color created a boudoir photo studio in Kelowna, BC. The session took place at the Kelowna photo studio and various different backdrops. Each session included hair, makeup, 1 hour photo session, plus a 8″ x 5.5″ photo book created to give to a significant love. I love when I can help a woman feel beautiful in their skin. A lot of woman usually feel that a special photograph can help mend a bond, be a light to their fire and even help the relationship. The photos are sensual and beautify each individual to enhance beauty and to share their beauty within. I truly believe each woman is their own person and should also feel 110% beautiful in their body no matter their size, color or race. I am extremely happy to share this moment in their life to help enhance beauty within.

Here’s a few sneak peaks from our first marathon on Saturday.

Have fun! 🙂


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