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Engagement photo sessions- Kelowna Wedding Photographer

Engagement Wedding

Merry Christmas!!

Did you get engaged this Christmas? Alisha Khan wedding photo packages all come with a complimentary engagement photo shoot and if you book by Dec 31st, a bonus 20% included!

We at Alisha Khan Photography, truly believe a complimentary engagement session breaks the edge off meeting with your wedding photographer. It’s easier when you’ve been able to sit down with your photographer for a cup of coffee. We’ve got some amazing coffee shops in Kelowna and why not a reason meet new people.

Alisha will meet you for coffee and she’s very talkative so take about an hour of time. Her favourite place Pulp Fiction Coffee House in Downtown Kelowna. ¬†With all coffee dates, Alisha will pass along a wedding package that is YOURS to keep to review. What’s included in the package?:

  • A contract: this contract is not scary at all- it’s basically to say this is what Alisha is including for your special day. It will have your contact information if Alisha needs to get a hold of you and vice-versa. Also a contact person, usually the maid of honour or best man whom Alisha would need to contact the day of the event.
  • A photo book with examples from Alisha’s portfolio, this gives you an idea what kind of style Alisha has and what to expect.
  • A price sheet. You do not have any obligation to hire Alisha Khan Photography, but rather an insight on what we do and what is offered.
  • Alisha’s business card, if you need to ask any additional questions or to book an appointment.
  • This package comes all together in a black folio for you to hold on too.

Contact us today & meet for coffee, you won’t be disappointed.


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