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{ Boho Summer Dream } – Gellately Nut Farm, West Kelowna


Our { Boho Summer Dream} photo session was inspired by Andy’s Attic, currently owned by the fabulous Andrea La. Andy’s Attic specializes in Previously Loved, New and Retro Vintage Fashions and Accessories fit for the Modern Gal. Designer names such as BCBG, French Connection, Betsey Johnson and much more in store!

The inspiration was a duo mix of Andy’s Attic wardrobe selection and my amazingly gold reflector. In this session, when I met Andrea after so long, our first reactions to each other, collaboration. At a glance, I love photographing odd number models and objects. I like to keep perspective in thirds. Any who, I put out a model call on good ol’ Facebook for a specific styled model. One requirement, longer hair, and within a day I had 3 beautiful models all booked and ready for this session. A HUGE thank you to Emily, Melanie & Angel for being GORGEOUS models.

As being part of of this collaboration, makeup and hair styling is important. When I think of Boho, I think, long wavy hair and subdue makeup. I couldn’t be happier to have Sailaica from Pommette Makeup doll up these beauties. She did a phenomenal job recreating our boho chic style. Along with makeup styling, Sailaica also created the beautiful large dream catchers. The styling part of this collaboration, she allowed us to hang up these pretty dreamcatchers as back drops to give colour to our Gellately Nut Farm. Now your thinking Sailaica is one pretty fancy and creative gal, but wait, not only makeup and beautiful dream catcher, did you notice those alluring necklaces, YES, Sailaica also created the classy pieces showcased and tied our session together.

I am so honoured to have worked with a group of professional women. This is a great way to empower women in our society and how we can all work together to create a vision of wonders. This session not only gave me excitement to share with everyone, but how I want to help empower woman and create beautiful images to showcase beauty within.

To check out more photos from this amazing photo collaboration, check Boho Summer Dream’s album.

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