Birth Announcement cards- Printed by Alisha Vigilante

Did you know that Alisha Khan Photography has a graphic design and web development side of the business?

Alisha Khan, now Alisha Vigilante (yippee!) holds a diploma in Graphic Design and offers design aspects as part of her service. One of the services that we provide are birth announcement cards when you have your baby. We will take care the photography, editing, placement of cards, printing of the cards (did I mention we have a photo printer, Sir Epson R2000) packaging and deliver it directly to you. Along with many of our services, we will ensure to give you options for your style. This also includes thank you cards for your wedding, postcards, prints from wallets, to 5 x 7 and up to 11 x 14, all done at the Alisha Khan Photography Studio.

Be sure to check out our landscape galleries for up to date photos for postcards!

***Pricing varies on paper type and size, please ensure to contact us for more details.



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